The Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs (The L.A. Coalition) is an independent, bipartisan membership organization, established in 2009, to bring together leaders from the region’s business, labor, academic and nonprofit communities to advance sound policy initiatives that will help to responsibly grow the economy and create quality jobs throughout the L.A. region.

Los Angeles’ history has shown that in key moments the region’s leaders have come together to ensure that L.A. is the top region to invest in, develop skilled and confident entrepreneurs and drive creative and innovative ideas through an educated workforce.

The L.A. Coalition for the Economy & Jobs focuses their efforts on the following initiatives to spur economic growth and job creation in the region.

World-Class Transportation System: Facilitate​​ the Movement of People, Goods, Services and Information

– Modernize ​Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach & the Los Angeles International Airport
– Invest in broadband ​infrastructure
– Invest in ​roads, ​highways, ​public & ​private ​r​ail
– Invest in water & ​electricity​ infrastructure

World Class ​Economy: ​Position L.A. as a Competitive Location that Produces Prosperity for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Citizens

– Leverage ​government’s ​purchasing power and ​vacant and ​underutilized ​real ​e​state ​assets to​ encourage business growth
– Highlight Los Angeles as a Leading Hub for Technology, Entertainment & Research Talent
– Promote​ Los Angeles as a ​t​op ​trade, ​tourism, ​convention and ​cultural ​destination
– Develop​ ​a ​s​killed ​workforce for ​g​rowing ​industries: ​healthcare, ​technology & ​c​lean ​energy

World-Class City: Promote Quality of Life Standards

– Encourage a clean, safe & secure city environment
– Invest in schools, healthcare & housing
– Promote culture, recreational and entertainment activities
– Develop more open space and parks